One for the Spirits: Automatic Writing Baffles Researchers

Neuroimaging During Trance StateAs a writer, hypnotherapist, and teacher of automatic writing imagine my delight in finding the recently published collaborative study, “Neuroimaging during Trance State: A Contribution to the Study of Disassociation.

Traditionally, the mysterious and often unreadable scrawl that occurs during automatic writing is thought to be the work of spirits communicating through the writing hand of a medium. And if the medium continues the practice of automatic writing every day for a period of time, often coherent sentences and concepts will begin to emerge – usually beyond the conscious scope of the writer.

Whether you believe that automatic writing is the manifestation of spirits or the unconscious mind of the writer tapping into some larger source, there is no doubt but that the process is mysterious.

And this study articulates what indeed does seem a part of the ether into which the unknown blows:

The parts of the brain that are active during “normal” writing states are quiet when an experienced automatic writer (medium) is at work.

Which means that Automatic Writing is not actually “writing.” So what is it?

Amazingly, this study expands that time-old question:

What is the connection between the mysteries of consciousness and the grey, mushy, matter that sits between our ears?

I’m in the midst of writing a longer piece about this, but in the meantime why not try it out for yourself?

Download (for $2.99) my 23 minute hypnotic sound-scape for Automatic Writing (produced in collaboration with Ambrose Bye). And then email me your answer to this question:

What do you think happens when you practice automatic writing (or not-writing)?

3 thoughts on “One for the Spirits: Automatic Writing Baffles Researchers

  1. Angela Alviso says:

    Question….i have been doing some sort of i guess what might be known as automatic writing for over 10 yrs.. dont know who to go to for answers. If i had to take a guess i wud hafto pik ummm extraterrestrial? Lol. But seriously i need sum answers. Have no idea wer to start. Resembles hyroglyphic…not sure how to spell it.

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