Reprogramming the Self-Sabotage Code of Human Evolution

Reprogramming the Self-Sabotage Code of Human Evolution

Here is another one of my poetic tangents into evolutionary biology, featured today on Reality Sandwich.

As Gregory Bateson said in a lecture called “Men Are Grass: Metaphor and the World of Mental Process,”  perhaps theories of mind and theories of evolution are very close to being the same thing….

One thought on “Reprogramming the Self-Sabotage Code of Human Evolution”

  1. Strange, the degree to which self-sabotage is in many ways, very like manifesting the ‘other’ in poetry. The degree of paradox is similar, ie., I am most present when my presence is absent, that is, when I am ‘othered,’ and take on some part of the other’s form, in poetry, which, I find is a lot different than being ‘othered’ in terms of a ‘self.’ My own therapist understands this constant ‘othering’ as a result of having little or no emotional connection to the many past events that I have no active memory of. I’m not sure whether this ‘self-forgetting’ is self sabotage, but it does make one weary having to create and invent a whole system of ‘self-hood’ in an attempt to fill the void of each day. That, too, is much like writing poems. It’s a way of tracing what one is almost forced to ‘make-up.’ Writing is a way to make yourself disappear in your own constant manifestation. ‘Wanting’ anything in this state seems almost out of the question, as one wants most, simply to be present, knowing that absence is a requirement in doing so. And there lies the contradiction.

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