Writing Flurries

For me, December is always a month of flurries. Sometimes flurries take the form of snow, but I’m talking about the flurries of finishing things up before the new year, connecting with family and friends, and circulating energy around gift-giving.

Spending time at the beginning of the flurry season by centering into my creative practice always feels important to surviving December.

That’s why I am offering a winter writing retreat, with the option to join me in person, or virtually. My workshops are designed to let you write whatever you need to write. Instead of prompts,I provide guided language and sound visualizations that will enable you to enter into your own
unique writing mind.

Whether you’re working through a stressful situation in your life, finishing a manuscript, or looking to rejuvenate your creativity by generating new work, this workshop will provide you with that space.

Click here for more information, or feel free to email me:

And through the month of December please feel free to listen to my motivate track – for free!  It includes a soundscape by the amazingly versatile musician Paula Carino.  Listen now. (Scroll down when you land on the page).

Centered wishes!



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