About me

BioshotI’m Kristin Prevallet — welcome to my constellation of Trance Poetics, a blog I started in 2010. It’s a blend of consciousness studies, poetics, and holistic healing practices that I try and update once a month. (Try.)

My Background

I am a poet, essayist, performer, educator, and mindbody coach (info on my practice can be found at www.mindbodystudies.com). Recent writing appears in The New Republic and The Boston Review. Recent interviews appear on Brooklyn Poets,  The Examiner and the Best American Poetry Blog. Recordings are available on PennSound. A generous reading of my book I, Afterlife: Essay in Mourning Time appears in The Kenyon Review (thank you David King!)

My background in literary studies (A Helen Adam Reader) taught me that both scholarly analysis and self-inquiry are mutually critical for a more holistic view of our emerging selves. I believe in changing the emerging catastrophic futures in the realms of earth, politics, and everything in between by confronting the deepest blocks in our own lives and enacting our transformational potential.

I gave up a full-time job in a university in order to work one-on-one with people as a mindbody coach, but I still love teaching. I am currently teaching creative and critical writing at Westchester Community College, and I am a writer-in-residence at Spalding University. I revolve around Naropa University, Poet’s House, The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, and Bard College.

I lead workshops in what I call “Trance Poetics” in a variety of retreat settings — for summer workshops, click here.

Curriculum Vita

For my current academic CV, click here: .
For my “official” bio, click here:

Speaking and Workshops

To book me as a speaker at your college, university or institution, here’s my contact page.

Trance Writing Group
Email me if you’re interested in participating in a growing forum for creative processes into open field awareness.


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