Trance Poetics: four workshops taught by Kristin Prevallet

TrancePoetics is a workshop for creative minds looking for personal insight, the kind that comes through intellectual curiosity and expanded awareness. The series includes four workshops:

Sat. April 6 (10:30-1pm): Transforming Metaphors

This workshop will give you an entirely new perspective on how metaphor works in your mind, your body, and your creative work. Imagine what you’ll learn in this workshop when the teachings of  George Lakoff (metaphors are central thought), Milton Erikson (metaphors are keys to bring forward the unconscious mind) and energy medicine (specific colors, shapes, and movements promote healing) are brought into perspective to expand your field of awareness and teach you new ways to use language to make meaning from your life experience.

Sat. April 14 (10:30-1pm): Automatic Writing
Writers know all about the technique of free writing to stimulate ideas and unhinge the cascade of words on the page. But you don’t have to be a writer to appreciate how automatic writing can help you to unblock emotions, unlock memories, and discover creative insight. This workshop will explore the psychological and artistic aspects of automatic writing to unlock unconscious processes including (positive) memories, creative answers to difficult questions, and creative works you might not have known were there. You will be introduced to the classic methods of inducing automatic writing, as well as my updated application of those methods to the practice of everyday life.

Sat. April 21 (10:30-1pm): Hypnogeography
Streets, threads, oceans, maps – in dreams we elaborate networks of minds and bodies, desiring connection in multiple possible worlds. Poet Robert Kelley has the fantastic notion (although he’ll humbly say it’s not his idea) that “the dream remains the voice of the other speaking to the self.” In other words, your dreams are the geography of many minds and a connection to a wider consciousness.  In this workshop we will practice collective dreaming and create a geography of dream imagery to widen and inform an expanded understanding of consciousness.

Sat. April 28 (10:30-1pm): Mindbody Healing Insight (with special guest Mona Chopra)
This workshop (co-taught by acupuncturist and healer Mona Chopra) will introduce you to the ways that you can utilize your creative mind  to control and have a new perspective on pain, including the pain brought about by anxiety and depression. We begin with the belief that the mind and the body are one sympathetic and collaborative system that can, through the power of creative inner focus, guide the process of healing what needs to be healed physically, spiritually, and psychologically. In this workshop you will learn powerfully integrative self-hypnosis techniques that you can bring home to your daily life that will help you to gain control, perspective, and insight on the connection between emotions and physical symptoms.

Series of four workshops: $140
Series of four workshops plus 1.5 hour hypnotherapy session with Kristin Prevallet: $215 (normally $90).
Individual workshops: $40
Note: You can choose to commit to Kristin’s series, or mix and match with Edwin Torres‘ workshops.

Kristin Prevallet’s ( books include I, Afterlife: Essay in Mourning Time, Shadow Evidence Intelligence, Scratch Sides: Poetry, Documentation and Image Text Projects, and Perturbation, My Sister; in addition, she both edited and introduced the critical edition of Helen Adam’s work, A Helen Adam Reader. A self-described change worker who bridges cosmic abstractions and simple truths, she was educated by nuns, avant-garde poets, and shamanic healers. Her writing has appeared in Spoon River, The Chicago Review, and Fourth Genre; recent work appears in the anthologies Rhythm of Structure: Mathematics, Art, and Poetic Reflection and I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women. She has received residencies and awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts, PEN America, the Poetry Society of America, George Mason University, and Spalding University. A former professor of investigative poetics at Naropa Institute, Pratt University, and Eugene Lang College, she currently directs the Center for Mindbody Studies where she leads workshops and curates events. She is a clinical hypnotist and integral mental health coach, and works in Manhattan.

Testimonials from previous workshops: 

“What I liked best about the way Kristin teaches is that she introduces me to mental tools which I can use on my own. Her workshops focus on body/mind work and concepts/techniques that I can apply to my writing practice – and I really liked that.”

This workshop showed me methods for tapping into my own (hidden) resources which enable me to come to terms with difficult or anxiety producing situations.”

“In these workshops I became more aware of how I’m creating the world I’m living in not only through my images  but also through my attitudes. That was the first stunning thing for me is to see the power I have to create my own day to day existence. Then from there comes this simplicity of understanding how metaphors and images are something that we all share and use to communicate with one other. It’s not just about me expressing myself but about how I’m sharing something in common with other people.”

“These workshops are about healing. Poetry is not just about an aesthetic but about one’s life and your relationship to your body and your mind and how you can heal yourself and affect people you love.”

“Kristin is absolutely amazing. I learned so much from her and I would be willing to take this class again. Kristin needs to be seen by everyone. She is just amazing to watch!”


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